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Backup is a small easy-to-use Windows client app which runs in the System Tray on the Windows Taskbar.


You can target specific directories and files you want to archive or backup, and choose to copy only files modified since the previous backup.

You can manually backup at any time, or set the app to run a backup when you log off for the day.

Backup Destination

The archive location can be a folder on another hard-drive, an AWS S3 Bucket or AWS Glacier Vault in Amazon's cloud storage services.

If you want to use S3 or Glacier, you will need to create a suitable access account in Amazon's IAM (Identity and Access Management) service and configure Backup with the User's credentials.

It is recommended you create a specific user for Backup rather than using any existing user.

The Amazon User will need permissions to S3 and/or Glacier. There is an existing AWS managed policy AmazonS3FullAccess available for S3, but Glacier requires configuration of permissions to SQS and SNS services.

These are the policies attached to the user where GlacierBackupPolicy is a custom managed policy which you can create (see below).

Glacier Backup Policy

A custom managed policy file is available here (json format). You may create a new policy with this as a guide and attach it to your user.


Once your AWS user is created and configured, you will need to create an Access Key in Amazon...


...and enter the Access key ID and Secret access key into the AWS Credentials

These are the credentials Backup will use to access your Amazon services, keep them private.


Discover Files

Do a manual backup and get a listing of the files to be archived.

You can exclude files you don't want to backup if you want to reduce the amount of junk files.


Backup does not mangle file names with timestamp information. It creates a Zip archive, keeping the existing folder structure, and copies to your choice of location.

You are able to list and download archives archived to AWS S3 Buckets or AWS Glacier Vaults. Note that some query jobs issued to Glacier take several hours to process. This is a feature of Glacier - it is considered a cold storage service, and is one of the cheapest cloud based storage options. Backup will track requests automatically and keep you informed when they complete.

Users should be familiar with these Amazon services and hold an AWS account if you want to make use of them here.


Backup is operational and is available in the Microsoft Store. It improve quickly as any issues and useful features are discovered.

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Thank you for your support!

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